Java High Performance Computing

JHPC is a research group. The reason we have chosen the .org designation is to allow those from all universities and companies to feel welcome to participate in our efforts.

The purpose of JHPC is to develop software and libraries to facilitate the development of high-end distributed computing applications. JHPC completely supports the mission of the Java Grande Forum, which is an open forum of academics and industry participants communicating with Sun Microsystems to make Java the grande programming language for scientific and technical computing.

So exactly what happened to the web site?

If you have been wondering what happened to, fear not! We are still on the Internet and looking for new ways of increase and development. We had problems with our previous web hosting service. Then we tried another provider, and another. Anyway, let's just say we have built up a good list of companies you should avoid if you ever need a web hosting service.

We are now with a service that appears to care about its customers. They even have explicit wording on their web site to the effect of "We care" and "We would never leave you". It almost drove me to tears, so I signed up with this rather lucid space and headed off to see if the YMCA care any more. These people are using zippy Solaris systems and seem to understand how Microsoft technology works so we can use FrontPage 98 properly.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who are coming back to our site. Hopefully, we will be able to restore everything that was here previously. We'll also be unveiling a new theme for JHPC, so you will not have to be subject to yet another Microsoft theme, but this time around something that has undergone some serious web design to create a much mre pleasing effect.

In an effort to achieve the creative potential we are certain we are able to (see: we are working to elevate our level or awareness to new heights in many different areas. Webs once lost but now are found!


As technology moves ever forward, the capability to show streaming TV footage over the Internet is now with us in a very big way. Its amazing news for anyone who likes to keep up with national or even some local TV programming. There are so many choices of channels these days, it probably makles a lot of sense to be able to capture certain broadcasts on your computer and that's where better site design and performance comes into its own.

Some service providers are even offering TV over Internet as part of their broadband packages which is great for the sub TV addict who simply cannot get enough of the reality TV shows and mind numbing game shows that proliferate the networks these days. Of course its not all bad stuff coming out of the networks.

There are lots of better informed choices that cover a wide range of topics to satisfy most healthy people (see: who are in need of a little light entertainment or more serious learning media to be accessed every so often. It can also be a little too distracting for some especially if they use their computer for work.

It's a great thing to be able to watch educational shows like those on science and nature for instance while sitting at your computer desk. But just remember where the software came from for all that amazing media access you have there. And of course the investment in money that made it all possible (see: Let's just hope that the boss doesn't catch these people sneaking a peek at their favorite shows while they're supposed to be working!

PC Games

There is a lot to be said about computer games and there has already been plenty said in other places. But it would be a glaring omission if the subject were not present here at this site too, since games need software and well, that's the reason for this site in particular!

The scope for creating ever more complex and exciting titles is virtually bottomless and programmers are in big demand for this ever growing industry that has grown up alongside the mammoth expansion and advancement of computing software and the hardware that provides its home. So next time you fire up a cool game on your console, laptop, phone or tablet just remember that it came from somewhere and a bunch of very clever geeks made it possible for you!

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