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JHPC is a research group. The reason we have chosen the .org designation is to allow those from all universities and companies to feel welcome to participate in our efforts.

The purpose of JHPC is to develop software and libraries to facilitate the development of high-end distributed computing applications. JHPC completely supports the mission of the Java Grande Forum, which is an open forum of academics and industry participants communicating with Sun Microsystems to make Java the grande programming language for scientific and technical computing. So exactly what happened to the web site?

If you have been wondering what happened to, fear not! We are still on the Internet and looking for new ways of increase and development. We had problems with our previous web hosting service. Then we tried another provider, and another. Anyway, let's just say we have built up a good list of companies you should avoid if you ever need a web hosting service.

We are now with a service that appears to care about its customers. They even have explicit wording on their web site to the effect of "We care" and "We would never leave you". It almost drove me to tears, so I signed up with this rather lucid space and headed off to see if the YMCA care any more. These people are using zippy Solaris systems and seem to understand how Microsoft technology works so we can use FrontPage 98 properly.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who are coming back to our site. Hopefully, we will be able to restore everything that was here previously. We'll also be unveiling a new theme for JHPC, so you will not have to be subject to yet another Microsoft theme, but this time around something that has undergone some serious web design to create a much mre pleasing effect. Webs once lost but now are found!


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Coding for the Best Games

As software technology and computer hardware advance side by side, it is inevitable that more and more complex and lifelike computer games are being created. The virtual gaming platforms appear to know no bounds and even encompass online versions of many favorites.

One wonders where it will all stop, or more correctly if it ever will. This article looks at the way in which advances in ability and capability have enabled creative and innovative people to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the online gaming industry when applied to computer software and the programs that are used to create them. more: Coding for the Best Games

Is Someone Spying on You?

Every time you pick up your mobile phone and notice it doing things you're not sure about, such as telling you a certain app needs to be updated, or worse, telling you that an app is updating itself, do you get a shiver down your spine? Do you start to wonder if your phone is being controlled by an entity that you don't know about and are you even being spied on?

To allay your fears, there are numerous websites such as that can provide you with a lot of helpful information and advice on spy equipment and the many different kinds of spy and anti-spy software. more: Is Someone Spying on You?

Why You Need Software in Your Life

You might be forgiven for thinking that you probably already have more software in your life than you can handle these days. But the reality is that the world has changed so much that software has become an entity that literally runs the world! Just about every business and domestic unit relies on electronics and electronics relies on the software that controls it and makes it what it is.

Whether it's about computers, communications or the chip that runs your washing machine, the variety of applications that could not function without it is immense. You only have to visit websites like to get an appreciation of just how widespread the software that controls our day to day lives has become. more: Why You Need Software in Your Life

The Best Autoresponders are Java Based

The best autoresponders are the ones that would allow you to track and test your conversion rates. That is why java based auto responders are usually considered the best because it allows them to do so. Although HTML autoresponders are easier to customize and edit, the problem is it doesn't allow you to test or even track your conversion rates. Let's try to find out why it is important for you to track conversion rates in email marketing. more: The Best Autoresponders are Java Based

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