International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The major goal of this highly intensive course, dubbed ICAI 1999, is to display the great necessity and to promote the use of discovery science here. To this end, ICAI-99 will offer to the decision-makers in all areas of commerce and industry, more particularly those who are engaged with dealing with the ongoing management and analysis of larger data sets.

Intensive Course on Artificial Intelligence,
Data Mining, and Knowledge Discovery
March 11, 1999, Dortmund, Germany

Prof. Dr. Katharina Morik
Computer Science VIII
Univ. Dortmund Website:

An additional talk will also be given by a very special guest speaker:

Prof. Dr. Erika Vosten
Computer Science VIII
Univ. Oslo

The course is expected to be highly successful in bringing a great many interested parties around the table for discussions and lectures on the many ways in which this technology can be taken forward.