Is Someone Spying on You?

Every time you pick up your mobile phone and notice it doing things you're not sure about, such as telling you a certain app needs to be updated, or worse, telling you that an app is updating itself, do you get a shiver down your spine?

Do you start to wonder if your phone is being controlled by an entity that you don't know about and are you even being spied on?

To allay your fears, there are numerous websites such as that can provide you with a lot of helpful information and advice on spy equipment and the many different kinds of spy and anti-spy software. So what do you really have to worry about?


The most invasive of unwelcome software that can infiltrate your phone, tablet, laptop or home computer is spyware. Fortunately, a lot of what people think of spyware is northing of the sort, such as cookies left on your hard drive by websites that you visit, even Google. There are some legitimate programs that are considered to be spyware such as the media program RealPlayer, although in reality they are not.

True spyware is a software app or program that becomes embedded in your device via certain messaging, or visiting certain websites. This kind of program allows an attacker to learn things about you from files stored on your device's hard drive or in the case of a phone, in its core memory or memory card. Some conspiracy theorists believe that governments are spying on you via your mobile phone, although quite why they would is anybody's guess.

Blocking and Securing Your Phone

For every problem, there is a solution and the problem of being spied on by persons unknown can be prevented by taking some common sense measures. The obvious ones are not to accept or open emails, texts or other messages from people you do not recognize. Also, avoid visiting websites that look strange to you or have strange looking extensions such as .ru or .cn for instance rather than .com or .org etc, unless of course you are actually in one of those countries and you are deliberately looking for local websites.

There are also a number of good anti-spyware programs or apps that you can add to your computer, laptop or phone that will prevent bad programs from infiltrating your device. There are also apps that will warn you if your phone is being tracked or monitored. But for most people these are not really necessary as long as you have nothing to hide!

After all, governments, law enforcement agencies and large institutions are not the least bit interested in the average Joe phone user, unless of course they are up to something that would peak their interest!