The Best Autoresponders are Java Based

The best autoresponders are the ones that would allow you to track and test your conversion rates. That is why java based auto responders are usually considered the best because it allows them to do so.

Although HTML autoresponders are easier to customize and edit, the problem is it doesn't allow you to test or even track your conversion rates. Let's try to find out why it is important for you to track conversion rates in email marketing.

The Importance of Tracking Conversion Rates

To be an effective Internet marketer, you need to know how successful your advertising and marketing efforts are doing. When you do email marketing, you will have to spend a lot of time and sometimes money to create an email campaign strategy.

If that strategy is not doing well, you will then have to change it and save yourself from further investing time and money on that campaign. And the tool for you to find out if the email marketing campaign is working is the java based response tracking.

How Java Based Trackers Work

The most successful autoresponders usually comes with a tracking setup tool. All you have to do is to type in the web address of the site that you want your email readers to visit in that tool. That software will then generate a new link that will be used to track the number of visitors or clicks to the website you are promoting which came from your email autoresponder message. When the link on that email is clicked on, it will be recorded then it will redirect the email reader to the page where you want to lead them.

Usually, the site visitor does not know that their clicks are being recorded and tracked. For you to check on the results of the java based tracking tool, you have to log in to the control panel of the account. In the control panel, you will have access to different important information such as how many messages were sent and delivered and how many of these messages were clicked upon by the reader.

Some of the most popular autoresponder providers also included a tracking tool that tells you how many emails were actually opened by the recipients. You can use this to your advantage especially if you want to research on the behavior of your email list. For many email marketers, this is a great research tool when sending out mass emails. Understanding and researching about your target market is often the key to a successful marketing campaign. And with a java based auto responder, you get a tool that will help you do that.

HTML or Java Based Autoresponder

In a similar way to how computer games are coded, the downside of a java-based application is that compared to a HTML based program, it is harder to edit. It doesn't allow you to customize your web form easily because you can't see the changes of what you are doing right away.

On the other hand, when you use a java-based auto responder, the changes you are making will take effect on each and every page with just one edit in the formula. For HTML, you have to do it on each separate page. It all boils down to how the binary code is put together. Taking all of these into consideration, there is no doubt that the best autoresponder systems are usually java-based.