Why You Need Software in Your Life

You might be forgiven for thinking that you probably already have more software in your life than you can handle these days.

But the reality is that the world has changed so much that software has become an entity that literally runs the world! Just about every business and domestic unit relies on electronics and electronics relies on the software that controls it and makes it what it is.

Whether it's about computers, communications or the chip that runs your washing machine, the variety of applications that could not function without it is immense. You only have to visit websites like http://acisni.com to get an appreciation of just how widespread the software that controls our day to day lives has become.


Today's mobile communications framework may seem like something out of the science fiction world of barely twenty five years ago, yet it continues to advance exponentially as each year goes by. Mobile telephony has undergone a mammoth change from its initial humble beginnings as merely a way to stay in touch when on the move. Today's mobile devices are so much more than their communication devices of a few years ago.

Phones are now mini computers in their own right with powerful operating systems and a barrage of software applications that are able to run on them. The constant demand for better and faster phone apps has seem an explosion in that industry with new apps being created faster than the public can upload them onto their smart phones!


Artificial intelligence appears in far more places than many people think these days. Just about all new automobiles have micro-processors running silently away out of sight, controlling all manner of functions on the vehicle from engine management and fuel economy to deciding if its raining and the windscreen wipers need to be switched on (automatically of course), or not.

High end autos employ sophisticated entry and ignition systems that respond to codes embedded in the key fob and all this is controlled by the on-board computer which is reliant on its hard coded software to operate.

Business and Internet

Of course the business and financial world as we have come to know it would grind to a halt if it weren't for the massive investment made in the software that runs all the systems that keep the business world turning. Banks and other financial institutions rely almost entirely on the ability of their systems to manage and maintain their many and varied facets.

At the same time, the staggering growth of the Internet has allowed business to flourish in ways it could not have dreamed about thirty years ago. Software is not only a necessary part of life. It is now an essential one and its continued development and evolution is critical if we are not to find ourselves retarding back into the dark ages!