Frameworks: The Final Frontier

Roughly half of the effort in the JHPC research group is dedicated to frameworks and their implementation. Frameworks provide the essential foundations or building blocks for high-performance or clustered computing.

Key JHPC frameworks include ActiveJava (formerly known as JavaNow), which provides a computational model for coordination of distributed tasks in the Java language.

Reflective Remote Method Invocation (RRMI) provides an open, extensible, and robust RMI-like framework for supporting remote method calls in the ActiveJava environment. It is useful independently of ActiveJava, especially for client/server computing with Java.

The LDAP Browser and Editor is more of a useful tool than a framework but is included here due to its general-purpose utility value. It provides a user-friendly Windows Explorer interface to an LDAP database with tightly integrated browsing and editing capabilities.

Many other frameworks are under development to provide essential building blocks for high-performance, distributed, and clustered computing. Stay tuned to our home page for late-breaking developments.

Self Improvement

Your home, the way it looks and the way it is designed is a reflection on you as a person. Same goes for your car, your workspace and every other aspect of your life. If you are enjoying success and an abundance of goodness in your life, then you can be pretty sure you are doing plenty of thing right!

But of you are not enjoying the success and the goodness you feel you should be getting, then there are things that you maybe can change to create an improved lifestyle and overall life "picture" that will be more in keeping with what you believe you deserve in your life and for those that are closest to you.

There are far too many people going around with a constant angry argument going on inside their heads over whatever it is that is making them mad. It is slowing eating them away from the inside out and the upshot is their health will suffer as a result, while people will try to avoid them because of all the angry, negative vibes they are putting out to the world.

Yet by a simple switch in their outlook and the realization of what is causing that anger can turn things right around and start to enjoy better health, better circumstances and be more liked by people. It's a way of programming and coding the mind to think in a certain way.

This is a start in the right direction by highlighting the simple truths that what you predominantly think about can literally form your life and your experiences. Start today to be a better person and think yourself happy, healthy and loved!

Health and Energy

As well as looking at how lifestyle changes can bring about positive improvements in your own life as well as positively affecting those around you, we'll also be looking at how the lifestyle choices that you make can also have a positive effect on your health and energy levels. It's no big secret that the way you think, act and the beliefs you hold all come together to determine how your life will be.

When you are upbeat and positive about things, greet everyone you meet with a smile and a happy feeling and see only the good in everyone and every situation that you come into contact with, then your health will be similarly positive and full of goodness. The opposite is also true, so that when you are negative and downbeat, greet people with a scowl and go through life complaining about things, the tendency is for your health to match your deportment and be similarly negative and downward facing.

Being angry inside will do you more harm than you imagine, while being happy inside does you so much good as well as radiating that goodness out to everyone you come into contact with. You have options that you might not yet be aware of. Which would you rather be?