Frameworks: The Final Frontier

Roughly half of the effort in the JHPC research group is dedicated to frameworks and their implementation. Frameworks provide the essential foundations or building blocks for high-performance or clustered computing.

Key JHPC frameworks include ActiveJava (formerly known as JavaNow), which provides a computational model for coordination of distributed tasks in the Java language.

Reflective Remote Method Invocation (RRMI) provides an open, extensible, and robust RMI-like framework for supporting remote method calls in the ActiveJava environment. It is useful independently of ActiveJava, especially for client/server computing with Java.

The LDAP Browser and Editor is more of a useful tool than a framework but is included here due to its general-purpose utility value. It provides a user-friendly Windows Explorer interface to an LDAP database with tightly integrated browsing and editing capabilities.

Many other frameworks are under development to provide essential building blocks for high-performance, distributed, and clustered computing. Stay tuned to our home page for late-breaking developments.

Java High Performance Computing