Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications


Welcome to the home pages for 1998 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications: PDPTA '98.

PDPTA '98 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from July 13-16, 1998. You can now check out the Final Program (HTML) and Registration Form (in ASCII text only). The final program can be obtained in ASCII text as well. Other Links

These pages are sponsored by the Java and High Performance Computing Research Group.

The JHPC research group leaders are also conducting a special technical session on High Performance Computing with Distributed Objects at PDPTA '98.

Key Deadlines

The final program for this conference has already been assembled. Thus, no further papers will be considered for this conference. We look forward to your participation in 1999, just before the Y2K bug takes effect.

Internet and Browsers

While not specifically on the agenfda for this conference, there has been some speculation as to the future of the several Internet browsers that are currently in use. With Microsoft's Internet Explorer taking the lion's share of the market, there are several popular alternatives available with more in the pipeline. Netscape of course is the leading competing browser to IE, but there are more on the horizon with plans for a new contender from Beonex amd also one from Opera.

Retrospective: Of course no one saw it coming back then, but the collaboration between the developers at Beonex and Mozilla saw the creation of Firefox that went on to become the main contender to IE in later years. "But that..." as a certain witty orator was once overheard to mention, " yeaterday's news."

Imagination and Future

The question of where will this all lead in the future is one that many will ask and many more will be stumped for a definitive answer. While technology is moving forward at an incredible speed, software is barely able to keep up with hardware advances. It really comes down to the creative abilities of the software delevlopers to come up with the next big thing. For certain, it will take some highly creative mental imagery and visualization to take us from this point forward to a furure that will be a testament to our ever evolving and growing facet of computer science.

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